dateTime.apr 23dateTime.rd We have a yelp page for the web design section.

We have a yelp page.  It geared for the web design section of business but it still ties in to main business.  We have a yelp like at the bottom of the page so you can rate us on how we do.  We are happy to bring the new yelp page and we are also on google business so look for us there as well.  Enjoy the services we offer and get in on the ... Read More »

dateTime.apr FTP port number.

Here at fox line hosting we will changing our port number for our ftp_ssh connection randomly.  all clients will get emails by us stating the port change and number.  Keeping the ftp ssh changed on a regular bases adds another layer of security.  We want to make sure you are protected all the around in all fields.  So make sure if you have any ... Read More »

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